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Shirley Gillotti Bach Flower Therapy

Invite yourself into the world of flower essences and how you can use essences to balance emotions, bring peace of mind and stabilize inner health and stillness.

Shirley first learned about Bach Flower Essences in 1979 and became officially registered in 2014 as Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner in England at the Bach Centre where it all began in 1930.  Her skills as a Homeopath bring an added depth of understanding by combining both flower essences and homeopathy when needed.


The width of her professional experience brings a unique understanding to her clients who seek this natural and safe approach.

Shirley has a masters in nursing from UCSF.  She has been in the healing and meditative arts profession since 1970.
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Transitions, New Beginnings, Changes

Flower Essence Healing, Consultations - Sebastopol, Sonoma County CA

Walnut flower essence is helpful to take during times of transition, new beginnings or times of change. Walnut promotes inner stability, strength of character, independence, and protection from external influences.

Flower Essence Consultations - Sebastopol, Sonoma County, SF Bay Area

Visit me for a consultation in a country garden setting. 


Currently all sessions are online and resume in person consultations in April 2023 

Shirly Gillotti, Certified Bach Flower Practitioner
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