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"Shirley Listens with an open Heart and mind, wide-eyed and Seeing me. She asks questions that leave me open to delve downward into my Heart and Body where the present and past dwell to varying degrees. Shirley is so Present."


January 2021

Flower Essence Therapy Consultations - Sonoma County, CA

“When the Coronavirus outbreak started getting serious, I found myself jolting awake suddenly, very early in the morning, with an instant experience of terror. This anxiety continued to plague me for weeks. Shirley worked diligently to perfect the right combination of flower essences and I was finally able to relax and sleep well again.  What I especially appreciate about Shirley’s many gifts, is the patient and loving attention she gives to you in trying to pin down all the details of your physical and emotional concerns and symptoms.  I have felt so cared for in her very capable and caring hands.”

June 2020

Bach Flower Essence Registered Practitioner - Sonoma County, CA

"Shirley is so knowledgeable, intuitive and really takes the time to pinpoint the perfect combination of flowers specific to your individual needs. As a pregnant woman,  I needed something that naturally and effectively decreased my anxiety and depression.  I noticed a shift in my mood immediately after starting the flowers and recommend Shirley to anyone who is feeling ‘off’, especially as a result of the tough times we are all impacted by today." 

Jenna L.
June 2020

Shirley Gillotti - Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner

"Shirley is an amazing consultant of Bach Flower Essences. My experience of her is that she’s like a counselor, getting to the deeper emotional issues and then choosing the correct formula blends to support me. The Bach Flower Essences themselves have helped me through the emotional crazies of my husband’s cancer illness and then the loss of a 35 year marriage. The blends were often like magic, supporting my growth within 24 hours or less. 


I would highly recommend Shirley and the essences for anyone wanting to grow, heal, and recover from difficulties."

Santa Rosa, CA, March 2019

Bach Flower Therapy - Online Consultations

"I feel like a flower in a tight bud at the beginning of the session. As our consultation continues I feel myself opening up like a flower in full bloom and am able to see into myself in a deeper and more meaningful way. The actual flower essences further deepens what I learned in our consultation and enables me to consciously grow and apply what I learned almost effortlessly.


I always feel listened to by Shirley which encourages me to listen more deeply to myself. I highly recommend you choose this exemplary trained counselor and practitioner of Bach Flower Essences."

C. Kostoff
Santa Rosa, CA, 2019

Flower Essences Sebastopol Sonoma County

"I highly recommend Shirley Gillotti as a Bach Flower Practitioner.  I have seen first hand a marked change in my 95 year old mother’s mood.  Shirley attends to my mother with a focused compassionate attention; she listens deeply with true curiosity and respect. 

After a few days of taking the flowers I witnessed my mother relax into what I would describe as acceptance, an easing of a dark mood. She continues to take the flowers and benefits greatly."

Jane Kingston
Bach Flowers for Elders

Bach Flower Healing Consultations

"At an evening talk at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness about flower essences and emotional eating, I was absolutely delighted to win the raffle for a personal consultation with Shirley. The intake she did was profoundly insightful and the formula that resulted seemed to completely address my inner issues, old and ongoing.


I love the idea of something as delicate and ethereal as flowers having such power. I had been doing well on the Weight Watchers program at the time, and my flower essence blend moved me further along on a healthy, lighter and happier path. While not finished with weight loss--and I have tried many times to lose a significant amount--I doubt that I will have to return to my former harmful habits with food."

Jenner, CA

Flower Power Healing - Online Consultations

"Since starting Bach Flower Therapy, although subtle, I can absolutely feel a difference in the way I approach and think about my issues with food. It has helped me to stay calm. In moments of frenzied thoughts revolving around food, I have noticed that I am more often able to recognize that I am in some kind of an anxious/emotional state that for me usually triggers a binge. This has allowed me the extra time to ask myself WHY I am feeling the urge to overeat. 


This is HUGE because in the past I wouldn't allow myself to think about it until after the fact.  Then all the feelings of guilt and the anxiety would kick in. Instead of letting this repetitive cycle happen over and over, I am making more of an honest effort to be kinder to myself and less restrictive (punishing) which has also led to less binging episodes and less negative repetitive thoughts. These are all behaviors that are new since starting Bach Flower Therapy. I am excited and feel empowered that I am making progress and it is possible to have a positive relationship with food."


Sebastopol, CA

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner - California

"Bach Flower Therapy with Shirley helped me to feel more balanced, a sense of equilibrium.  It felt joyful. In addition, with great surprise and relief, it stopped a disturbing and repetitive dream I had been having for decades as well as repetitive seasonal allergy episodes that would kept me home in bed for weeks. These gifts nature has given us are very inspiring!"


Santa Rosa, CA

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"Shirley is a skilled, compassionate provider of Bach Flower Essences. She helped my 93 year old mother when western medicine was sending her on roller coasters of physical and emotional symptoms.Through careful and nurturing listening she was able to hear what my mother needed and was able to provide it."


Santa Rosa

Flower Healing, Bay Area

"I have known Shirley for two decades as a leading pioneer in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. While she is a healer using homeopathy, meditation, forgiveness, and mind-body medicine, it is her wise, nurturing presence however that is most valuable for her patients. Whether teaching groups or working individually with patients Shirley has that very special and rare gift for transforming illness to health. One would be wise to be 'cared for' by her."

Walt Mills, MD, MMM, FACPE

Vice Chair, Integrative Medicine, Kaiser Northern California Associate Program Director, UCSF Santa Rosa Family Medicine Program Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

Flower Essence Therapy - San Francisco North Bay Area

"With the Bach Flower formula, life is more enjoyable!"


Santa Rosa, CA

Bach Flower Therapy, Sebastopol, Santa Rose, Sonoma County, California
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