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Shirley Gillotti - Bach Flower Therapy - Certified Bach Flower Practitioner
Shirley C. Gillotti, RN, MS, BFRP

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner


Shirly Gillotti - Bach Flower Essence Consultations - Sebastopol, Sonoma County, North Bay, SF Bay Area, CA

Shirley founded the Center for Inner Health and Stillness in 2009 and facilitated it through 2020. The Center was a healing space in Santa Rosa, California with the mission of bringing a variety of health practices and practitioners together to serve the community with an emphasis on self-care responsibility.  For 10 years Shirley offered groups in Mindfulness Meditation and Medical Qigong.  Although she has recently retired her groups, the essence of these practices continues to infuse her work with Flower Essence and Homeopathic therapy.


Shirley began her holistic practice as a Hospice Director at Hospice of Petaluma after mentoring at a Hospice in London England. There she learned how to support people during difficult transitions with palliative care that honored death with dignity. Currently, she supports Hospice staff and volunteers with Bach Flower Therapy, for the many emotions associated with caregiving.


Before opening the Center for Inner Health and Stillness, Shirley worked as a Nurse Educator in the Health Education Department at Kaiser Permanente for 20 yrs. There she taught Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction classes which included Medical Qigong, Managing Depression, the work of Fred Luskin, Forgive for Good, and MindBody Medicine.


Also, Shirley’s background as a certified Classical Homeopath in 2004 has helped her to understand health and disease and how to trigger the Vital Force to heal from within. Homeopathy and Flower Essence Therapy similarly focus on the person and not the disease, treating each person uniquely. The founder of Bach Flower Therapy, Dr. Bach was originally a homeopath in London during the 1920’s and 30’s and discovered remedies that balance the emotions and restore health with greater simplicity and effectiveness. Shirley feels proud to be following in his footsteps and feels a strong affinity to this unique healing modality.

Registered Bach Flower Practitioner - SF Bay Area, Online Consultations

Contact Shirley with any questions:


Phone: 707-829-5676

Email: Shirley C. Gillotti

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner - Sebastopol, Sonoma County, CA

"I have known Shirley for two decades as a leading pioneer in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. While she is a healer using homeopathy, meditation, forgiveness, and mind-body medicine, it is her wise, nurturing presence however that is most valuable for her patients. Whether teaching groups or working individually with patients Shirley has that very special and rare gift for transforming illness to health. One would be wise to be "cared for" by her." 

- Walt Mills, MD, MMM, FACPE - Vice Chair, Integrative Medicine, Kaiser Northern California Associate Program Director, UCSF Santa Rosa Family Medicine Program Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

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