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Beech: July Bach Flower

Beech Bach Flower

There are few of us who do not at times feel critical. It can be a temporary mood or a personality trait where we have fixed opinions and can appear intolerant, arrogant and unsympathetic. Over time, this begins to create internal pressures on ourselves and outbursts of irritability.

Many of us often become critical because we have grown up in an environment of criticism and harsh expectations. We can inwardly feel vulnerable and insecure. Beech can be transformational for this tendency to be critical from an inner sense of inferiority and hypersensitivity that often gets projected onto others.

The healing aspect of Beech helps us naturally to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds us and too have the ability to see the good growing within. Taking Beech enables more tolerance and understanding of the differences of others and seeing beyond the shortcomings of others and of ourselves.

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