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More Cancellations and More Helpful Suggestions

Dear Ones:

This will come as no surprise: Camina and I are canceling our retreat scheduled for April 19th. We have not yet set a new date but will let you know when we do.

Meditation, yoga, and yoga nidra are invaluable tools during times of stress. Until we reschedule our retreat, you can find many excellent yoga instructions, guided meditations, and calming music on YouTube. All of these activities can minimize stress during extended periods of time at home.

Many people also find it helpful to have an altar or special place in their homes that puts an emphasis on self-renewal—a place to go to simply BE.

As I indicated in the last newsletter, I was scheduled to present a program about using flower essences during the transition of dying and grieving at 'Hospice Wednesdays’ at Petaluma and Santa Rosa hospices. Last week, the first presentation at Hospice of Petaluma went well; the audience showed strong interest in the topic.

Understandably, the second presentation scheduled for this week in Santa Rosa has been canceled. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity to present this information at a later date.

Bach Flower Essences are specifically helpful for periods of stress, strain, and emotional upheaval With widespread anxiety now from the current spread of the coronavirus, three flower essences come to mind that could be very helpful. You may want to consider adding flower essences to your cache of items to keep you emotionally healthy.

Choose RED CHESTNUT to ease your worries if you are overly concerned about your loved ones near or far. You may be calling them more frequently or worrying about them more than they want. Fear does not protect our loved ones. Red Chestnut can help to increase our feelings of trust and keep our fears in perspective.

Secondly, MIMULUS helps us to meet life with more courage when we feel afraid and swept away by our fears, fears that are often quietly hidden from others though often experienced by them as well.

And lastly, ROCK ROSE can help if we feel paralyzed with fear, experience loss of sleep, feel our nerves are fragile, or may be having lucid nightmares. This flower essence helps to restore calm.

If this speaks to you and any of these remedies feels like something you may want to try, Bach Flower Essences can be purchased at Santa Rosa/ Sebastopol Community Markets and Rosemary's Garden in Sebastopol.

Since there are many more than 3 flower essences in this system, I am also available by phone or Skype to consult with you. I can help you choose the best flower essences that uniquely reflect how you are feeling and what is needed to bring you back into emotional balance. The flower essence formula bottle can be mailed to your home with instructions. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with your questions or to arrange a consultation.


Shirley (707) 829-5676

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