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Vervain: February Bach Flower

Walnut Bach Flower

When we become indignant about an issue, or sense an injustice has occurred and fire off comments, it can herald a campaign has begun. You may feel a righteous anger that is fueled by frustration and passion. There is courage in being a rescuer, willing to fight for a cause, resolve a wrongdoing and make a positive difference. However, the intensity of your will and strongly held opinions can drive people away if you become too zealous and opinionated in expounding your views. Your self-sacrificing, multi-tasking and constantly busy mind will affect your sleep and leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Your passion can lead to burnout in your mission to save the world as you believe it needs.

Vervain allows you to be broadminded, more tolerant and patient, and to acquire the necessary discernment when looking to inspire or engage others.

If you desire to feel more emotionally balanced in your life, please schedule a Bach Flower consultation with Shirley. Click HERE for more information or to schedule your appointment.

45% Off 'Heart Month' discount for a personal consultation

Offer expires on 2/28/17

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