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Chestnut Bud: January Bach Flower

Walnut Bach Flower

As we reflect upon the New Year, Chestnut Bud could be a very supportive essence for you. We all go through life repeating patterns of behavior, unconsciously. We can feel as if we are continually making the same mistakes over and over again and finding ourselves stuck repeatedly in the same situations. Chestnut Bud types can also be plagued with learning disabilities, unable to take notice of many things, feeling blocked from certain things registering. One might feel absentminded, overly focused on one thing at the cost of insufficient attention to the bigger picture.

Taking the Chestnut Bud essence improves our ability to learn. It helps us remember and learn from our experiences and cope with life in general. It fosters intellectual openness, the broadening of general interests and increasing overall awareness and attentiveness. It helps us reflect, assimilate, apply what we learn from all our our experiences and open us toward greater emotional wisdom.

If you desire to feel more emotionally balanced in your life, please schedule a Bach Flower consultation with Shirley. Click HERE for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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