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Flower Essences, Much to My Surprise

Flower Essence Therapy

Chris is a guest blogger and has been a Flower Essence client for the past two years. Her post discusses her apprehensiveness to Flower Essence Therapy and the positive outcomes she experienced.

I started with Shirley and the Bach Flower Essences thinking that this could not possibly be helpful. How could flower essences help me on my journey, which at the time I started, was a difficult and at times a very dark journey. First, I can't believe 2 years have gone by, and secondly that some of my most deeply rooted ways of thinking and being in the world have changed so profoundly.

I have used the flower essences and Shirley's excellent listening skills and intuition to see my life's journey as more of a process of discovery and acceptance rather than a punishment. The changes have come gradually. It feels like the Flower Essences and the interpretations from Shirley have worked like WD 40 and have made my transitions move so much more easily. There was with little or no effort. The transitions, or healings, are like the peeling of an onion. Those healings only happened when I had the inner resources to support them. The Flower Essences made the healings possible by supporting my body's and spirit's ability to heal itself. When the inner resilience and support were available then the healing took place. The changes, like flowers, came very gently, never forced or awkward and like flowers were lovely to look at. There is a naturalness to this process that is difficult for me to put into words. When I look back on the two years, all the healings, transitions, realizations seemed to "just" happen. It is such a natural process and there is support all the way, with Shirley guiding and clarifying the process and your inner being supported by the Flower Essences.

Each month during our consultation when the formula of Flower Essences were changed, I seemed to have a new epiphany around a difficult area in my life. These two years have brought insight that I did not think possible and it was done without fear or great difficulty. Like the changing of the seasons, when it is time, it just happens.

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