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Walnut: September Bach Flower

Walnut Bach Flower

It makes such a difference to us if we feel protected and safe. Particularly so when we are going through challenging times that potentially leave us open and too sensitive to the changing situation. That is when external influences and ideas can take us off our path and we risk being swayed by others. There are many stages in life where there is a transition point to negotiate, and some of these moments you will find easier to handle than others. Among them are teething, school, puberty, leaving home, new job, relocation, retirement, menopause, and divorce. How you experience those changes in the process of making decisions, letting go and moving on will be colored by what is going on within you as well as people around you.

Walnut gives the constancy that enables you to hold your boundaries and remain protected from the impact of your environment and any pressure from others.

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